2 Jun

Well the #’s are in and once again Mother Monster is making headlines this week. No not for her outrageous outfits or her incredible performances but for the success of her new album “Born This Way” which sold 1.1 million records in the 1st week. It marks the 1st time since 50 cent in 2005 sold 1,141,000 copies of “The Massacre” that artist has been able to master those 1st week numbers. Although everything is ok there seems to be a bit of controversy surrounding the selling of her album last week on Amazon.

According the the L.A Times:

But what was unusual was that Lady Gaga’s total was fueled by digital downloads – a high percentage of which were sold for less than individual songs from the album.

Last week, retailer raised eyebrows when it set the price for a download of the 14-track album at 99 cents on its May 23 release day, representing an unprecented low bargain-price discount for a marquee release. iTunes was selling a download of the album for $11.99.

Though Amazon only sold the album at that price for two days, Billboard estimated that it sold more than 440,000 albums at that price, and Nielsen SoundScan reports that overall digital sales among all retailers accounted for 60% of the first week sales of “Born This Way.”

Wow just wow. Regardless people are buying her music and she’s definetly gonna be force to reckon with. You have Gaga, Rihanna, Bey, Nicki Minaj, Katy, Britney, and Kesha…Who will reign among pops princesses?

Source: LA Times


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