10 Things I Want To See Happen @ The BET Awards…

26 Jun

Yes it’s the time of the year again where everyone puts on their shiny suits and bangles, glue on their lacefronts, rent jewelry, cars, and even arm pieces to celebrate being in L.A for the 2011 BET Awards. While each and every year promises to deliver show stopping performances, guest appearances, and the occasional slip up I decided to compile a list of 10 Things I Would Like To See Happen…

1. Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj reunite and squash the beef. What would make for great tv than to have the past and present Queen of rap bury the hatchet and move on and make beautiful music together? Although Kim tweeted she would be in Ny performing 2nite made me 2nd guess this all together. Hey anything can happen.

Probability: Highly unlikely..Kim still bitter 😦


2. Beyonce actually shows up and performs: We all know The Queen is out of the country on tour and will do her performance via satellite but wouldn’t it be cool if this was a diversion and surprise and she actually opened the show and flew back overseas? I’m sure everything with her is top secret but maybe just maybe she’d be in the building and shut the entire show down..

Probability: Possibility. The Carter’s are known for snubbing the Bet Awards and with Chris Brown in the building maybe Via satellite is where we will have to enjoy her…


3. Chris Brown and Rihanna Reunite On Stage? I’m sure everyone will be watching to see if the two have any sort of interaction and what cool way for BET to score ratings then have the two present an award together? By now everyone should be pass the whole fiasco.. I mean they follow each other on twitter so all is love right?

Probability: 50/50.. one thing about BET is that they don’t wanna piss off the parents and sponsors. What type of message would they be sending if they have a victim and her attacker laughing and reading a silly prewritten script on a teleprompter together? BET gotta love em..

4. Fantasia is apart of the Patti Labelle Tribute: It’s customary for the reciptant of the Life Time Acheivement Award to have younger and some older generation artist pray tribute to their music and career through song and dance. Wouldn’t it be cool if she kicked off her shoes and rolled around on the floor in true Lady Marmalade fashion? lol

Probability: Dreams do come true. How can you have Patti and not include Fanny in a tribute?


5. SWV join Chris Brown on stage to perform ‘She Ain’t You’. I believed I read in a tweet from Coko that her and the members of SWV would be in the building and wouldn’t it be cool if they came out and performed the song with Chris?

Probability: If I’m betting on anything in this Top 10 actually happening then this would have to be it.


6. Lady Gaga emerges from the ceiling in a piano to perform wit Cee-lo. I mean how different and diverse would BET be if they included Gaga on the bill? I know we were all hoping she would show up and do “Telephone” with Bey last year and that didn’t happen.

Probability: I Don’t See It For Her…


7. Kevin Hart Make The Award Show Funny Again. After Monique I sort of never cared who hosted it. Well I did but nobody gave it that flair and interest anymore. Kevin Hart is a hoot and I’m sure he’s gonna deliver the goods. Maybe next year they can book Antione Dobson…

Probability: How can you go wrong with Kevin Hart?


8. Someone gets pissed and storms the stage? Let’s face it the real fun is watching the expressions on the faces of the people who didn’t get picked to get anything. The side-eyes, and shady expressions will be plentiful. But there is just one person who wants to discover and find their Lil Mama or Kanye West moment on the stage tonight and become the talk of the blogs, radio’s and tv tomorrow.

Probability: Where is it possible for a group of black people to congregate under one roof and everyone gets along?


9. Kelly Rowland does the Motivation remix with R.Kelly . I’ve heard all 20 of Kelandria’s remixes and Mr. Kells version is the ultimate winner. I want to see Kelly channel her inner “Bey” and provide a show stopping performance to one of her biggest hits to date.

Probability: I want her to do well but a solo performance from Kelly is always sketchy. She has a album to promote and BET is giving her permission to the drive the car.


10. Someone starts a Twitter fight in the middle of the telecast. Celebrities are unpredictable especially the ones who won’t be attendance because they haven’t submitted any work or their time in the spotlight is past due. Somebody is bound to take cheap shots at the performers and presenters while they tweet from their couches.




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