Album Review: Beyonce “4”

28 Jun

There are a lot of musicians on the scene today but none of them can call themselves “superstars” and that’s where Beyonce separates herself from the rest. Not to delve to much into the person because it’s all about the music as I hit every song on the album and give my personal opinion on each…

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1. 1+1 : One of my favorites off of the album. She channels Etta James and you can really tell she was the inspiration behind it. I mean she pours her heart and soul into this track. These are the songs I love from Bey. Raw powerful vocals. If you’ve ever been in love then you can really identify with this song. Beyonce is the perfect ride or die chick to Jay. This song solidifies it.

2. I Care: : One would think Bey was speaking from personal experiences but I’m sure she is just over all talking about life experiences in general. She exclaims to her lover how much she cares which he seems to not even notice… Everyone has had that lover who just doesn’t seem to care about your feelings. Great Song.

3. I Miss You: Soft sweet ballad with a simple message about missing that significant other. I usually skip over it but it grow on me as time went on.

4. Best Thing I Never Had: definitely the “Irreplaceable” of this album. What Goes Around Comes Back Around.

5. Party: The sure shot cookout song of the summer. I love this one and the beat is a classic throwback with Slick Rick vocals in the background. Andre 3000 doesn’t disappoint on the rap. Kanye did his big sister well.

6. Rather Die Young: She rather die young then to live her life without him. Love is a powerful thing and the vocals for anybody who has ever experienced the kind of feeling can identify with this record.

7. Start Over: Ever fall out of love with someone or you deal with the constant break ups and want a 2nd chance at making it right? Bey says “lets stop fighting about the same old things”

8. Love On Top: Another track I usually skip over but grew to love. I love the way her vocals get higher at the end of the song as she sings ” You Put My Love On Top” This song reminds me of some old 90’s throwback track.

9. Countdown: This has a mixture of Get Me Bodied, Check On It, and Upgrade U all rolled into one. I felt like I didn’t want to like this song and it swindled me in. I play this at least 3 times in a row when I’m listening to the album. I want this as a single with a very sick video.

10. End Of Time: This and I’ll say it again should have been her 1st single. How can you not love “End Of Time” I know every HBC will be playing this during football season at halftime. The beat is infectious. If I could direct any single off of this album then “End Of Time” would be it. I’d love to recreate ‘Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome’ and Bey as the character Tina Turner played in the movie..

11. I Was Here: This sounds like the perfect way to end a era so to speak. What hasn’t Beyonce not accomplished? Selling out arena’s all over the globe, clothing, movie, modeling, music, directing, writing.. i mean the list goes on. She’s married and is in control of her career more than ever. It’s baby making time and Bey knows it’s time to bow out.. at least for 9 months. The lyrics are powerful and you can tell she’s sincere about everything she talk about in the song.

12. Run The World (Girls) – My least favorite song on the album. Everyone knows Bey is about female empowerment etc…So this song wasn’t even necessary. The video however made me like it all over again on top the fact I love the Pon De Floor beat. It’s like the Deja Vu of this era and I didn’t quite fall in love with Deja Vu.

Well don’t take my word for it just go cope and support The Queen! It’s not my favorite Bey album but far from being my worst and I don’t have one of those.. 🙂


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  1. obamarocks July 18, 2011 at 7:57 pm #

    Everybody go to Youtube. Beyonce and Nicky Minaj are o n a remix of her leading single Run the World Girls toigether. This guy name Fyuchur produced it. Its Hot!!! Both of their fans love it

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