The Bizzy Blanco BET Award Show Recap

28 Jun

Well another year has come and gone and to not make a post about every red carpet photo, performance, and foolery I decided to include everything into one post! None of my Top 10 Things came true except for Kevin Hart delivering a solid comedic job as host and Kelly Rowland adhering to the conference call Beyoncé gave her right before she shut down her performance. So without further  adieu  I’ll Recap the 10 moments from The Award Show (My Opinion ofcourse) 🙂

1. Cee-Lo channels his inner Lady Marmalade

This was definetly a “WTF” moment of the night. I was expecting to see Fantasia come out and rip but instead was treated to the outrageous and eccentric Cee-Lo Green. I don’t know if he did this for comedic purposes or he was paying homage but costumes aside he nailed Patti. Everyone seemed to enjoy even Patti who said she was scared for a moment. Patti is such a good sport.

2. Rick Ross Appearing in every musical performance of the night…

Just when we thought Rick Ross was going to go sit down he was right back on stage open shirt and all making the most appearances next to DJ Khaled. I never saw it coming when he came out to support Alicia Keys. This Ricky Ross was everywere.. MAYBACH MUSIC…!

3. Willow and Jaden Smith Co-win BET Award

How cool is it to have parents that are Will and Jada Smith? What’s even cooler is having kids named Willow and Jaden who aren’t waiting to turn 18 to start building their own empires. Both Smith’s were nominated in the category for ‘Youngsters Award’ and when the winners were announced it was considered a tie. Lots of people were saying it was because of who their parents were that secured their win on last night. While I will say BET is known for playing favorites with certain artist I think the two lads are very successful in their own rights. Quit Hating! lol

4. Who’s Fairy God Mother Is It Anyway?

Reminiscent of a maiden from a old storybook or where the princess marries her beloved prince and they live happily ever after… that is before she takes him by the CHURCH! The outfit didn’t really look bad until I seen what she was hiding behind her… a cape. And not just any cape but a cape that belonged to Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother in the classic Disney film. All Jokes aside Shirley Caesar sounded great. She really brought the house down in her tribute to Patti

5. Kelly Rowland finally channels her inner Creole and moves Sasha Fierce In..

Kelly Rowland meet THE WORLD… THE WORLD MEET KELLY ROWLAND! That was the mood last night when Kelly let loose and became her own individual. Not that she hasn’t but let’s keep it real Kelly plays it safe and last night in my opinion she lost her virginity. It seems like Sasha Fierce is not homeless after all and is now dwelling in the soul of Ms. Rowland.

6. Cherelle and Alexander O’Neal Return to stage..

It’s always good to see old school acts reunite on stage an sing their old hits. Nothing will outdo the late greats Rick James and Teena Marie coming together to preform their classic ‘Saturday Love’. I was nodding my head and vibing to the music that is until Alexander O’Neal opened his mouth and revealed a horrible tragedy. I guess times are hard and life eventually takes it toll. Cherelle was looking like Tamar Braxton and she made me do a double look.

7. The Real Husbands of Hollywood!

One of the funniest skits in BET Award Show history. The addition of Tami topped it off. It would be great to see BET allow Kevin Hart to have his own comedy special. That slick comment Bobby Brown made about “Whitney” sealed it for me. Great Job Kevin Hart.

8. Chris Brown says “Look At Me Now” to all the haters..

This was my Va brother’s night and he didn’t disappoint from his performances to taking home several awards. It just goes to show you how despite what we go through God is not done with us yet. The lol moment came when Chris accepted his award for “Look at me Now” and gave the mic to Weezy F. Baby by saying “I’m not good at public speaking” lol. Congrats C-Breezy.

9. Did She Just Say That?

Who was the mysterious girl that gave Chris Brown’s award to Rihanna which got accepted by Drake? Twitter and Facebook was all in a uproar when the annual BET Fan contestant came out and gave out the Viewer’s Choice Award. It seems like those HTC EVO Tablets weren’t working correctly or the ‘Powers That Be’ were being shady and wanted to create some sort of funny. In the end Chris Brown got the award and all was well. The loser in all of this was the girl who’s name was Tiffany Green. They attacked and stormed her twitter. She’s a huge Nicki Minaj fan and gained like 20,000 followers. #BAWSE

10. Free Where all That A** come from?

Wow..I usually don’t watch the after party on BET and last night I was hurrying up trying to catch True Blood. So I decided to turn the tv until I seen the back of Free’s behind. Twitter was all going crazy and even had Free as the #1 trending topic. After all these years being off of 106 and Park Free still make the guys go crazy. Still love you Free!


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