Hey Let’s Get Together And Have A Planking Party! [Pix Inside]

30 Jun

I had seen “planking” trending for the past few days and I was a wee bit confused as to what it all meant. Google is my bestfriend however I didn’t have the energy to even go look… that is until I stumbled upon a few twitpics and my Facebook timeline was all a blaze about planking. Once thought to be a act of bondage where they piled slaves on top of each other in ships is now an insane craze jumpstarted overseas and now has made its way to America. Now everybody and their Non F*cking Factor is taking part in this trend which I see dying off more so then talking off. Check out some pix below of a few celebs and random folks “planking”

Are You Planking?

Big Sean and Vashtie

Chris Brown

Flava Flav

Gilbert Arenas & Dwight Howard

Joe Budden

Subway Plank

Evelyn From Basketball Wives


Check out more pix @


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