Why Can’t I Be Great?: Aaron Carter Denies Allegations Against Michael Jackson

2 Jul

I wasn’t gonna even entertain this story when it first broke a few days ago but now that Aaron Carter has come to his senses maybe the King can continue to rest in peace. Carter’s rep confirms to TMZ that the allegations are false and that Michael Jackson never gave him Coke


Who is setting this boy up? Who has it out to collect the rest of the pennies he has left in his Mickey Mouse piggy bank?

Apparently Josephine Barak the journalist who interviewed Carter back when he was 15 is out for blood and doesn’t take kindly to being lied on.

A rep for Barak tells TMZ, “Aaron Carter told Daphne Barak in his lengthy interview in Spain, that Michael Jackson gave him alcohol and cocaine while he was 15. He also said that Michael invited him to sleep in his room, and when Aaron woke up at 5:00 AM, he found Michael on his bed.”

Aaron Carter, Josepine Barak I hope a great wrath comes upon you and swallows you like a great flood..

Source: RadioSnitch


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