I KNOW I’M LATE: I’m In Love With VH1’s Single Ladies

4 Jul

Ok so anything with Lisa Raye doesn’t hold my attention. I mean she’s wonderful to look at and her sexiness is on point but I haven’t really enjoyed anything from her since Player’s Club. Stacy Dash has always been on my radar. She was my girlfriend since ‘Mo Money” starring The Wayan’s Bro’s and then ‘Clueless’ with Alicia Silverstone (Hey I know my movies) Anyway after turning from the 1st episode and then the 2nd I became bored one day and decided oh what the heck let me watch this.

My mom is totally a stan for this show and she’s got my step-dad hooked as well.. lol

Overall the acting and storylines aren’t bad. I love the fact it’s set in Atlanta seeing as how I had just returned home from there the day before I fell in love with the show. I’m not going to front I visited Fox’s Sports Grill in Atlantic station and ate at the bar and let me tell you the older upper crust women in ATL are just like that so the show is not that far off. Out of all of the characters I love Stacy Dash the best. I don’t know why.. maybe it’s my long standing crush or the fact she has kids, posed in Playboy, and is about to hit the big 5-0 in a couple of years.

Anyway this show is my new guilty pleasure… The acting is a whole lot better than THE GAME…

Just saying… ‘Single Ladies’ every Monday @9pm on VH1


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