Mixtape Monday: Teedra Moses ‘Luxurious Undergrind’

4 Jul

I talk about a lot of artist over here. Some I rave and rant about, others not so much but in between there are a few people who stand out to me to the point I’d break windows and even a few necks to see them perform. There are few artist out there that move me in a way that I could listen to their albums all day in and out and they would never get boring to me. When I was first introduced to Teedra Moses back in 04 I had never seen the way she looked but her voice captivated me. It wasn’t until I seen her video for the lead single ‘Be Your Girl’ off of her debut album Complex Simplicity On BET’s Midnight Love that made me fall in love….

Fast Foward To The Now..

After a successful career as a songwriter and a string of successful mixtapes and guest features Teedra was signed to MMG, Rick Ross’s Maybach Music Group. Now with an new album in the works fans can be delighted that she dropped a new mixtape today Entitled ‘Luxurious Undergrind’. I haven’t heard it yet but I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to feature such a great and slept-on talent. Make sure you hit up her site

And Download>>> The New Mixtape>>> ‘Luxurious Undergrind’

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