Esther Baxter On King Magazine! Claims She Never Knew Who Joe Budden Was!

5 Jul

Who can forget about Esther Baxter? She was the go to girl in everybodies video and was recently notorious for her big split with ‘Pump It Up’ and Jersey Rapper Joe Buddens via Twitter. Well Esther isn’t wasting anytime moving on and showing the world her goods. The former video vixen is the upcoming pinup girl for the Sept/Oct issue of the men’s magazine due on stands July 17th. Below is a few excertps and pix from the issue.

King Magazine:

Unfortunately, there’s been more focus on your recent public split with rapper Joe Budden. He does have a track record when it comes to being associated with video models. Did you know this going into your relationship?

Esther Baxter:

With me, I had no idea who he was, what he did, or any of his music.


Well everyone forgets how good everthing was when the split happens. I don’t want to call her bitter but she’s a fool if she sits up there and says she didn’t know who he was. I know Joe isn’t the most relevant rapper but he sure is recognizable especially in the business of rap and video ho’s… Aside from everything else Ms. Baxter is representing very well and at the end of the day she’s moving on and still shaking that money maker…


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