7 Jul

‘I’m On The Verge/Of A New Merge/—Jay-Z

Yes now you can video chat those unsuspecting jumpoffs you added to your friends list… the ones that you tell you girlfriend/boyfriend are long lost cousins. Don’t feel like going to visit the in laws? Get everyone around the table to say hi, saves a trip you know!

Well aside from all of the comedy 2 of Social Networks biggest giants have just updated their status and announced to the world today they are “in a relationship” Facebook and Skype.

Here is how it went down via CNN

Facebook is encouraging its members to talk face to face — over the computer.

The social networking giant introduced a video-calling feature on Wednesday in partnership with Skype, the popular Internet video-chat provider.

The product comes a week after Google launched a competing social network, called Google+, which also includes a video-chatting program.

Facebook’s version will show up on the site as a “call” button at the top of users’ profile pages. By clicking that or finding someone in a new “buddy list” bar on the right-hand side, Facebook users can talk to each other as long as they have webcams. The company began turning that service on for millions of users on Wednesday and will add it to more accounts over time, spokespeople said.

Wow so are you ready for this next wave of technology? I think it can be a exciting new feature if used correctly. I’m sure the stories will be countless in people catching their significant others doing obscene things during a Facebook chat? I’m hoping it’s used for the betterment of social networking which allows for communicating with friends and family especially older people who may not can get out to see loved ones and still enjoy the comforts of being able to still see kids and grandchildren via a video chat.


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