Casey Anthony To Her Mother: ‘I Don’t Know You Ho’ !

9 Jul

All My Life I Had To Fight!!!!!!

When the love of a child is no longer wanted what do you? Poor Cindy Anthony…

Apparently with the Salem Witch Trial coming to a screeching halt mother of the year candidate Casey Anthony is starting to feel herself. Or is she?

The real deal on all of this is she’s not accepting visitations from anybody. But there could be more to this story considering Casey has not been on speaking terms with her parents since the start of the trial.

Even though this is a music based blog and everything entertainment I will take the time to address other popular matters in the world. Everything about this entire case stinks. I’m sure when I’m old and gray and sitting in my nursing home wheel chair there will be a lunar eclipse and UFO’s, Big Foot, and The real outcome of this Casey Anthony murder trial will be revealed….



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