Why I Choose To Blog? The Method To My Madness…

9 Jul

Blogging to me is like telling a story engaging the reader into a certain subject matter and giving your opinion sometimes good or bad. I’ve been blogging for years just not in my own special space or blog. I loved visiting Messageboards particular ones on pop culture. Before Twitter and Facebook were the new “now” to watch award shows I would log into my favorite Urban Message boards and give my two cents on the interesting shenanigans that were taking place on MTV, BET, and any other network promoting a funny or interesting show.

I remember getting some web space on some site once and to this day I can’t even the remember the name of it and I had all these interesting concepts of what I wanted it to be. I’ve been in love with the web since I was a Junior in high school when the internet was just a newborn baby. I love surfing the internet and finding my favorite websites to visit catching up with all of my favorite celebs and musicians.

Fast forward..

I now regret not following my vision and concepts wit starting my website because it’s no telling how and where I’d be at today. I don’t think it’s never to late to follow your dreams and perhaps our time is not God’s plan. I do what I do because I enjoy it. I love bringing information to people that share the same interest as me and perhaps engage new readers.

I blog because it’s therapeutic to my mind. It saves me from the day to day issues of life and surrounds me around the art and gift of music.

I blog because hopefully what I may say may inspire, make you laugh, or educate you on something you may not have known.

I blog because its a popular trend that I think will be around for years to come. Lets face it magazines will become a thing of the past. People will be more in tuned with finding out about Angelina Jolie on Perez Hilton or TMZ today than waiting for her to grace the cover of People Magazine tomorrow.

I’ve always had a fascination with the entertainment biz since I was a kid growing up watching the ‘Cosby Show’ and ‘The Wonder Years’ wishing I was a child star. Growing up a only child you learn to be a loner and amuse yourself.

While I love the glitz and the glamour being directly in the spotlight is not a goal of mine. I’ve made a rap song before, wrote a few lines for budding R&B artist, made a few beats, but nothing to the point where I would pick it as a career. I’d rather work behind the scenes and still have a life when I walk into mall or airport. I don’t mind attending the parties and chatting it up with a few industry folks but when the sun goes down I want to return to my little space in the universe, kick my feet up, and watch tv while eating a Reese Cup. lol

I don’t know where this blogging thing will take me or how many people I will reach but I hope that if I don’t reach a popular level that I will inspire someone along the way who may be trying to do the same thing excel even higher than me…



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