Ready For The Air Yeezy 2? Kanye West Nike Shoe Closer To A Reality.

12 Jul

Kanye West is the man to me and even though I didn’t cop his 1st set of Air Yeezy’s its not that I didn’t want to.. it’s because I couldn’t find them in stores. Rest assured I’m getting my hands on the next installment. If you’ve been up on your paparazzi game then you know Kanye has been out in Paris for Fashion week and what better way then to promote your fashion digs  then to bring it to one of the biggest shows in the world. Kanye as been seen rocking the new shoes in what can describe as the same look with a few minor touch ups and tweaks to the original style.

The Air Yeezy’s will release in 5 Different Styles

United States (3) different colors same style
Europe (1)
China (1)

No official release date is confirmed but I’m pretty sure they can be expected in stores sometime this fall. Wouldn’t it be great to cope the new ‘Watch The Throne’ album and cop a pair of Air Yeezy’s?

I’m low key hype!

Source: Dr.Jays


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