Ciara Strikes A Pose In Her Freak’Em Dress @ The Malibu Rum Event in Miami

17 Jul

With a failed album and label behind her The Princess of Crunk-n-B (Not sure if she claims that title anymore) is leaving all her past worries behind her and focusing on the new new. CiCi made sure she turned heads this past weekend in Miami (The Happiest Place On Earth According To Me) as she kicked off things for the Malibu Rum Tour a 10 city set featuring herself and Taio Cruz.

I’ve been a fan since Goodies and it seems like after such a successful debut album she’s had hits and misses ever since. I’m pulling for this new direction on Epic and hopefully she can cook up something fresh and new. I’m hoping she can put her past differences with Jazzy Pha behind her and make great music again. Well if the music doesn’t sound good then at least we know Cici is. Peep out a few pix from Malibu Rum Tour as Cici works things out in her Freak’Em dress… 🙂


As Spotted @ NecoleBitchie and RapUp


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