17 Jul
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Not since O.J Simpon have we been captivated by a murder trial and just like O.J we are saddened with mix reviews about the final verdict.

Now that the #1 mom of the year Casey Anthony is free what’s next? Inside sources say she will cower into obscurity changing her identity and relocating to warmer climates. Other stories have her setting up big interviews with enormous pay days. Could we see a made for tv movie on Lifetime or perhaps a reality show. One thing is for sure the world is watching and I’m sure Nancy Grace will have her team following her each and every step of the way.

With a hated Facebook page dedicated to her and loads of hearten mothers who wish nothing but death upon her she had better keep a low profile if she plans on sticking around the homefront. My money is she packs up and heads for the hills. One thing about America is that we are a unforgiving nation especially when it comes to children and the elderly. My prayers are with her that she hopefully receives the privacy to deal with the demons that will plague her life from now until the day she dies.


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