VH1 Single Ladies Gets Renewed For 2nd Season! *Hits My Dougie*

19 Jul

In the era of reality shows and other nonsense television there seems to be virtually no great sitcoms on anymore. The days of Martin, Living Single, Family Matters, and The Cosby Show are long gone. Now if you want to be entertained we have VH1 and BET to thank… oh and Bravo. Now  it seems like great shows (scripted of course) are slowly making a comeback. With The Game getting renewed for a 5th season urban shows are becoming a comoddity in households again. We want drama, love, and fighting only if it’s fabricated and doesn’t make us look like complete asses!

It took me a while but Single Ladies has this brother hooked. 3 confident women in ATL seeking love all while juggling busy and successful lives amid a growing metropolis. Now I’m tuned in every week for all of the drama and especially  STACY DASH! Even if they got rid of Lisa Raye and the other chick lol I wouldn’t be mad. Well the show has been renewed for another season so shouts out to Queen Latifah and her crew for giving Vh1 another hit.

The season finale will air August 9th and new shows will start again early 2012! Next week Destiny’s Child former member and current Judge on ‘X-Factor’ Kelly Rowland will guest star!

I’m loving the sound of this….



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