From Va 2 Cali: Trey Songz & Chris Brown Prepare To Takeover Hollywood

20 Jul

The 804 is taking over baby! 1st the charts now the Hollywood Hills! It seems hometown hero’s (Yes if you don’t already know I’m from the big Va) are focusing their attention on a wider audience. It was announced this week that Trey Songz had landed a role in the new horror flick ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D’ as the lead character’s boyfriend.

I hope they don’t axe you in the 1st 15mins Mr. Steal Yo Girl….


…..Breezy to0 has been hit yet again with the acting bug. Chris Brown will be joining the cast of Steve Harvey’s best seller Think Like Man Act Like A Woman” which will be taken to the big screen. Chris joins a star studded ensemble who include Regina King, Megan Good, Michael Ealy, Kevin Hart, Taraji P. Henson,Gabrielle Union, and LaLa Vazquez.

That’s a good look. I think Chris is on his way to becoming a great actor He shined real well in ‘Takers’ and “This Christmas”. I’ve yet to see Trey showcase his acting muscles but hopefully with the right folks he can make himself believable. I remember Kelly Rowland 1st acting gig was in Freddy vs Jason… she hit it quite nice….

Sources CL & ScreenJunkies


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