Lil Mama Cries In Front Of The Breakfast Club [Interview Inside] My Thoughts Too!

20 Jul

Hip Hop show stealer made her way onto the morning show “The Breakfast Club” hosted by DJ Envy, Angela Yee, and Charlemagne The God. In case you missed it I’ll let you watch below and conclude with my commentary after the break…


In this business you have to develop tough skin. When you state something in the press be prepared to back it up or at least explain your actions. Lil Mama needed to realize this wasn’t The Monique Show. Radio interviews pull no punches especially one with Charlemagne.

Lil Mama came off as very professional unlike so many ‘vets’ in the game and handled herself quite well. I think Lil Mama witnessing the rise of another female MC and the way hip hop as a whole has embraced her just doesn’t sit well in her. She too at one point had music out but never received praise or any accolades and awards for er contributions to hiphop. I think the whole act of her  going at Nicki’s neck is born out of frustration. On the other hand unlike Kim she doesn’t want to beef just state her displeasure of the new wave of femcees on the rise.

When I seen a few tweets about a Lil Mama interview and her crying it bothered me that people were still bringing up a old incident but after watching it for myself I came to the conclusion everyone held their own and Lil Mama just got caught up in an emotional moment.

I hope Mama does put out music and quiet the haters and showcase her real talent.. a talent that extends past jumping on stage during an award show.


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