Reality Riff Raff: Toccara Is Looking For Love On ‘The Ultimate Merger’

21 Jul

Omarosa had already fallen in love with actor Michael Clark Duncan before the 1st Ultimate Merger season ended leaving many to wonder was the series over before it even began. Fret not Reality Riff Raff readers because Donald Trump’s (well TV One left him off the title to hopefully not turn off any disgruntled Obama supporters) ‘The Ultimate Merger is returning and American’s Top Model castaway Toccara Jones is in the driver seat looking for love.

14 contestants will compete for the the former models love and affection through a series of test and missions.

hmmmmmmm Will you be watching?

I thought these shows died with Flavor Of Love and New York? Where has Toccara been at anyway? Do we really want to invest our time into a celebrity finding love to just up and dump them months down the road?

Love can’t be found in a matter of weeks.. well not through a reality show. But good luck to you Toccara. She seems to have a warm personality and I can say that after meeting her a few years ago.


Peep out the official website UltimateMerger to meet the contestants and watch the promo video

As Spotted @ CL

Photo: TV One


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