22 Jul

Why can’t the world let Chris Brown be great?

O’l boy cant catch a break and the news hounds and critics just aren’t having. Everyone from his neighbors to Fox News are having a field day tossing Chris’ bow-tie around for the masses to eat and feast upon. Now Chris is offering his own statement via twitter of course.

Peep the tweets

So this is cleared up… My neighbor has a problem with me (as do some people)so this whole tmz story is a way to continue…The bs. My neighbor carves my name in our elevator to incriminate me so it looks like I’m a reckless 22 your old.

My parking spaces in my building that were assigned to me when I bought this crib are painted over with handicap and no Parking signs. A person should be able to live in his or her own company of their house! I’m barely home so these stories and accusations are so childish!

My neighbor also calls the parking enforcement everyday so I get a 360 dollar ticket for each of my cars. (everyday). But no worries, I’ll be a good little boy! There is always 3 sides to a story, my side, your side, and the truth!

I feel I have to explain myself because my brand/life is always being slandered and tampered with! ITS GOTTA STOP! No need for me to play the victim. Just wanna live my life and just make music!

This dude is seriously a media target and most of the time he plays right into their hands. smh.

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