23 Jul

Poor Tami it seems the resident brawler on Vh1’s Basketball Wives just can’t catch a break. After arriving in LA on Thursday she was involved in a serious car accident. She was being picked up from the airport when her car was struck from behind causing massive damage. Tami tweeted “Me & my dude jus landed in LA and got in auto accident. Rear ended by two cars. Thk God no visible injuries-but I have major headache!

Well that’s great to know. Get well soon!


On the flip side of things it all falls down…..

It seems Meeka isn’t gonna waste her time coming at Tami’s throat physically and instead is gonna do damage to her bank account.

according to a lawsuit filed in New York Meeka claims Tami “assaulted, battered, beat, threatened, menaced, attacked, jumped on, pushed to the ground, thrashed, punched, and shoved” Meeka … causing serious injury.”

Meeka said she has had to endure physical and emotional stress and wants Tami to show her the money!

Tami was better off going into business with Evelyn with those t-shirts and maybe that could have paid Meeka off under the table.

Remember the entire fight episode will air this Monday @ 8pm on Vh1. Another night of Reality Riff Raff Fuckery!


Is Evelyn joining the cast of Dancing With The Stars? Well according to TMZ They wanna put yo girl on..

“Dancing” producers love the idea of having Evelyn on the show — especially since she’s engaged to Chad who was a previous contestant.
We’re told the show is even hoping to involve Mr. Ochocinco … since he’s now an expert in the ways of the ballroom.

lol. I guess. Sources say Ochocinco was once romantically linked with Cheryl Burke? Whether or not this is a true will no doubt make for great tv considering she’s a dance instructor. Can’t you see Ev throwing some water from the judges booth on the floor while Cheryl is dancing? And how awkward is gonna be when Chad is in the audience? Anything for some camera time I presume….



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