26 Jul

Its no secret that every attempt Kelly Rowland has made to make her way back to the spotlight seems somewhat intentionally overshadowed by Beyonce’s, almost calculated some would say. However I’ve never been quite sure myself whether it was Matthew Knowles’ his-self not putting as much energy into her career, or just the simple fact that Kelly never really got too comfortable with a particular genre but on her new album “Here I Am” she definitely proves that it could be either of the two.

Not only under new management , Kelly is trying her hand at pop while still keeping close to her R&B roots that her most loyal fans anticipte from her.”Good Job Kelz”..Here are my thoughts on her tracks

“Im Dat Chick”– The beat is sick, definitely not single-worthy but only because its a very strong introduction to her album as she boasts to a dude and even possibly her haters how confident she is as she sings “yea i be the one that they love to mention, I tell ’em keep on talkin cuz I love the attention”

“Work It Man”– The song could easily be mistaken for that of material that you would probably hear on her “Ms. Kelly” album as the drums favor that of “Like This” yet the thick presence of the snare in the background and a feature from up and coming Houston rapper Lil Playy gives it a fresh far as the lyrics go, you could almost call it “Motivation Part II”

“Motivation”– This song speaks for itself, as it is Kelly’s highest performing single as a ssolo artist.

“Lay it on Me”– Continuing to be the seductress, Kelly commands her man to do his thing over this up-tempo R&B beat infused with Hi-NRG and a sick 808..This aside from the albums lead single definitely has radio appeal, and it doesnt hurt that it features Chris Brown assisted “My Last” rapper Big Sean

“Feeling Me Right Now”– Referring to herself as he third person in a very cocky manner Kelly sings how much she loves herself over this bass-heavy Rico Love produced beat. If your not careful you could confuse the lyrics with that of  “Oops(Oh My)” so listen careful lol

“Turn It Up”–  From the ad-libs to the runs and of course the beat its almost as if it was overproduced yet the hook is anything but “not” catchy, It was stuck in my head for probably a few hours.

“All of the Night”– Sampling 2Live Crew’s “One on One” this mid-tempo R&B track finds Miss Rowland comparing her bedroom antics to that of her music, also one of the few songs that you will find Rico Love spitting rhymes to which could my ears could have done without but it “almost” completes the song.

“Keep It Between Us”– Probably the most sensual song on the whole CD, this is the song you will hear on most easy listenin R&B stations or being blasted by your mom in her car on the low, very classy!

“Commander”– Complete with synthesized dance beats the song has David Guetta written all over it, actually serving as Kelly’s lead international single from the album,previously it  topped the U.S. Hot Dance Club Chart but failed to gain the attention that your typical lead single should recieve, but clearly a club banger.

“Down for Whatever”– Bringing the LP to a close with this track made so much sense while Kelly proclaims that shes down for whatever, that possibly being another Dance Club Hit? Not sure but listening to it can doubtlessly be her second #1 on that particular chart as she effortlessly take the track over as is she pulled a page from Lady Gaga’s book.




  1. lou rok July 27, 2011 at 1:42 pm #

    much like the rest of america, i did not purchase her previous albums. primarily because they felt so manufactured. but much like the rest of the world, my perception of kelly changed when david guetta transformed her into a dance diva. i said “oh okay, big wig, big sound and big voice. i’m sold!” so with that said, i then began to look forward to a kelly rowland album. and the album is solid. i would even dare to say it is one of the best pop/r&b albums of 2011 thus far. who knew? a kelly rowland album worth listening to? well stranger things have happened. like beyonce unable to score a top 10 record on both the r&b and pop chart.

    anywho – great review.


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    […] had no idea Kelly Rowland was still promoting any music from her latest album ‘Here I Am’ nor did I think she would. I’ve always been a loyal Kelandria fan so never say never. […]

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