28 Jul

My boy Jeezy aka The Snowman is coming and TM103 is gonna see the light of day come Sept 20th. Anybody who knows me knows Jeezy is one of my favorite MC’s and even though he’s only 3 albums in the level of his music speaks volumes. He connects with the streets and has a unique play on words which is both grimy and motivational. I’ve been bumping his mixtape “The Real Is Back” during most of the summer and I can’t wait until he further heats things up this fall with TM103.

Jeezy tells MTV:

“One thing you gotta know about Young is I’m three for three,” “I’m on my own time. I’m the boss — I’m not rushing myself for nothing.

On the progress of bringing TM103 To Life:

“At the end of the day, I’m not about to give nobody no music to make a deadline, I’m gonna give them something to live and die by. If it ain’t classic, it ain’t monumental, I don’t want to be a part of it. I make hits, man. I make classics. I can’t just give somebody something just ’cause it’s time. It’s better late than never baby, trust.”

Hopefully the release date stays intact and we get to hear some street music again. With T.I on lockdown, Jeezy is gonna have to fill that void and with a rumored cameo from Jay his album is sure to be a classic.

I’m Ready!

Also make sure you check out Jeezy’s new single Shake Life‘ and cop the Mixtape ‘The Real Is Back’


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