28 Jul

President Obama cannot lead without the people behind him. Just like all the other 43 Presidents – some we disliked, but respected. Agree?—Donna Brazile @DonnaBrazile on Twitter

I love Donna Brazile and for so many reasons. She always maintains a level of calmness when the heat is on and displays nothing but intelligence and knowledge that makes even the strongest Republican shutter in their seats. Tonight I just so happen to catch her above Tweet about the importance of supporting our president Barack Obama and I have to agree.

Even though I was against George Bush I rallied behind him during the Sept 11 attacks out of respect of his title because he was the commander in chief. I rarely discuss politics because I know plenty of my readers are or could be on either side but amid the economic climate and a pending 2012 election upon us it’s hard not to overlook it. Whether or not you hate or love Obama we all should support and respect his title.

I’m not turning this into a black or white issue but more importantly a people issue.



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