Fall Fashion Alert: J Brand Jeans

30 Jul

Every August I start gearing up for fall/winter and this year is no different. Fall is the perfect time to reinvent yourself and your wardrobe. However, one fashion staple is a great fitting pair of jeans. I’m an avid jeans addict and every year a new designer steals my heart. Last year it was True Religion, the year before 7 for all mankind, and the year before that it was Joe’s Jeans. This year the denim champ is definitely J Brand Jeans. Launched in 2005, J Brand Jeans has become a celebrity favorite. They can be seen on the likes of Kim Kardashian, Kelly Osburne, and Kate Middleton. Starting at around $200,  J Brand jeans are ultra sexy and fit so perfectly that they truly follow the couture of your body (don’t believe me? See Ciara below).

My favorites (and must buys) include the J Brand Thrasher Jeans (see above):

These J Brand 811 Mid-Rise in Bright Royal as seen on Kim Kardashian

These J Brand 2244 Kiki in Lotus Wash as seen on Jayma Mayes

And my absolute faves the J Brand 910 low rise skinny jeans in Pure Wash as seen on Ciara

By the way fellas, J Brand makes a super sexy men’s line. Do all the women of the world a favor and invest in a great pair of jeans because no matter what Rick Ross says… Levi’s aren’t that hot.


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