30 Jul

Nowadays I rarely use my Gaming System for anything but Netflix and sooner or later with the ridiculous price spike Netflix will implement later this fall my Xbox may soon become nonexistent. Don’t get me wrong I love gaming but only for certain titles.

It seems more people may follow in my footsteps but for a very different reason. A serious reason at that.  Sitting down and playing video for hours in the same spot can cause serious health problem and worse death. Read a little bit further and find out what happened when playing ‘Halo’ went wrong…

Chris Staniworth was your average college kid who had aspirations of maybe one day working on the next big video game and was placed in a special program at Leicester University where he was studying Game Design. However after sitting for hours in the same spot after entering a online game tournament Chris died of a pulmonary embolism. (click here for more on this health concern)

These kind of embolisms usually occur when a person rides in a car or airplane for long periods of time without moving and now concern and awareness is being raised on young children and teenagers who enjoy multiple hours in front of gaming systems.

Now his parents are starting a campaign which can bring some sort of light to this and hopefully prevent it from happening to someone else.

I remember sitting up all night playing video games but we were usually loud and jumping around the bedroom. I’ve heard stories about people devoting hours and hours to games like Warcraft, Halo, and Call Of Duty.

Things like this are serious and if have loved ones both kids and adults who have this problem be kind and unplug the device and cuss if you have too. Hey Congrats! You’ve just saved a life!



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