2 Aug

If you have never heard of Nova Giovanni than get prepared to be enlighten on what they don’t teach you in school. The DMV native dishes about everything from Obama to why Black Sons need Black Fathers  (which was featured on the Russ Parr Morning Show) in a take no prisoners comical sort of way. The writer/comedienne/radio personality has a blog that you can also check out and be educated.

Today Nova writes up a interesting piece for  VibeVixen about falling victim to the stereotypes that affect our young black brothers and sisters.. Check it out

Are We Living Down To Our Stereotypes? The Dope Dealer & The Whore

Hoes & dope dealers, who told you what you’re doing is cool? Failed drug dealers riding around in old-model luxury cars. You’ve been selling marijuana for 3 years and have yet to promote yourself to selling heroin. Queen, who told you it was cool to flaunt your half naked body to anyone with an internet connection? Turning your bathroom into a makeshift studio and pictures with your ass on the sink. Now, you have to explain to your 4-year-old son why he smells doodoo every time he brushes his teeth. Perhaps, it’s the music funded by old men who despise Black people themselves. Because that is who owns most record labels.

Do you know what happened? What happened is a stereotype has been created for you and labeled as ‘cool’ to you. Think about it from an outsider’s point of view. What is REALLY cool about poisoning your own community, participating in violent activities without dialogue and degrading women? Even worse, what is cool about a female degrading herself? You’re a grown woman reciting rap lyrics talking about “bitches and hoes”. Now, how can you POSSIBLY get angry at a stranger for calling you a bitch or a hoe in person? You recite these hood praises to yourself. You are truly lost.

Man, thanks to you living down to your stereotype – you claim a neighborhood in which you own NO property. You love a place that doesn’t love you back. You say, “I’m willing to die for (insert random American neighborhood here).” But, after you do that is when you become a money making machine for those that hate you. Your downfall pays lawyers, police officers and politicians. Woman, your vagina has been turned into community box. Your body and reputation is suffering from having many men penetrate you and your drunken nights that you can’t remember. All you have to show for it are club photos, a drink stained dress and a car windshield covered in party flyers.

Because of us living down to our stereotypes, we hurt ourselves more than outsiders can EVER hurt us. Our fathers and brothers are in prison, our mothers and sisters have post-traumatic syndrome from past experiences and our children grow up in broken homes. We have to visit family members behind thick glass, our women say “niggas aint shit” and our children are raised by music and television. Our children grow up to do what the rappers say, but the rappers don’t even do what they say.

Nova knows because I’ve been a part of this cycle and still am. Calling women outside of their names, putting material possessions before human beings, losing friends and family to senseless violence and whoredom. To be honest, I’m tired of it. You should be also. Now, that we’ve identified the problem… what do you think the solution is?

I Love You,

Nova Giovanni

Interesting and great read. Make sure you hit up Nova at this blog and follow him on Twitter @NovaGiovanni


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