3 Aug

Jay-Z and Pharrell have worked together over the years musically and created hits now the two musical giants look to do the same in fashion. It was reported earlier today that Jay had bought BBC (Billionaire Boys Club) the high end fashion label of Pharrell. But Hov cleared up rumors YET again this week and tweeted the following..

“Partnering with @4real4rell on BBC” follow him.. (Not “buying” as GQ erroneously reported.)

Great to see Jay handling his Business this week. It will be interesting to see how the partnership of Rocawear and BBC will turn out.


Wow it’s one thing to to debut high on the Billboard Charts but to knock off the person everyone compares you to has to be an achievement within itself. Kelly Rowland will lay claim to the #3 spot with ‘Here I Am’ on the Billboard 200 charts knocking the Queen to #4. Congrats Kelly now let’s work on that 2nd single so yo can stay on top of the throne.

“Here I Am” sold 77,000 copies in it’s first week. Kelly’s placement this week is a step up from  2007’s Miss Kelly which peaked at #6 and her 2003 solo debut Simply Deep which placed her at #12.


Despite what everyone else thinks including her father Beyoncé is unbothered and enjoying the success that ‘4’ has become. Her 4th album is now certified Platinum.

Wow it must feel really good to have all four of your albums go Platinum and in a matter of months. Also with the slow moving progress of securing #1 singles, Beyoncé wants to be known for her music and less of the singles she chooses to bless the world with.

as told to Access Hollywood:

“I really wanted to get the critical acclaim,” I feel like the longer I do this—I’ve been doing it for 15 years now—No. 1s are amazing, but to see some of the comments that the Rolling Stones and The New York Times and all of these credible, amazing, really critical magazines and papers [are saying] has really made me my proudest.”



So is anyone excited The Dream is giving away a free album which is suppose to hold us over until we get the real deal? Whatever the case may be Dreams new free disc will be titled Terius Nash Est. 1977 a 10 song set that will precede his new retail album The Love, IV: Diary of a Madman. The album cover which I take is Bronze, features biblical scenes like Adam and Eve, Jacob and Esau, and David and Goliath..

Is he trying to tell us to Watch The Throne?


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