4 Aug


After denying that a incident ever took place you can hear screams and arguing between a unknown man and Nicki Minaj. A hotel representative called into police and had them listen to the altercation after it unfolded. Close to the end of the lengthy 911 call the rep asked the police “did you get all of that” and reference ‘Nicki Minaj’ as the victim.

According to TMZ, Nicki Minaj had refused to press charges and just wanted this all to be behind her.

Listen to the 911 Call Below

Well in the heat of the moment you say and do things you would later regret. I understand Nicki’s viewpoint on just wanting this to all go bye bye. But she must all remember she’s a media target and rising pop star so what you might have done years ago might have got swept under the rug all of what you do now is open ground.

I never posted on the incident because most of the popular blogs had already dug a meat cleaver into the story so in the end I  was just barking for scraps. Nonetheless I love audio and video because it gives a person more to sink their teeth into which is more than just hearsay and words.

Dear Old Nicki We Miss You. Come Back.

Thanks to shesomajor for the audio. I love Soundcloud!


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