4 Aug

It’s a simple yes or no question. A lot of celebrities are doing it and according to their gospel actually works and makes the relationship better. I was at work yesterday having that conversation with a few co-workers of mine and when I began checking tweets on yesterday I began seeing Chili (TLC) vs Jill Scott and the problems with ‘Open Relationships’. It seem Jill pondered the notion via Twitter and even wanted feedback from her followers.  Chili However advised her good friend to stay clear of such commitments.

What’s Open Relationship you ask? A Open relationship is where two parties either married, dating, or engaged remain together but seek sexual encounters with other people outside of the relationship. The committed couple are very much aware that their partner is out ‘dating’ other people but then so are they. Sound confusing right?

Most people don’t fancy that notion or idea whatsoever so the topic isn’t up for discussion. Some relationships are already in ‘Open relationships” except the other person is fully unaware. So taken the knowledge you’ve just been given. In your lifetime have you ever been asked or participated in an ‘open relationship’  and if so did you ever get jealous or wanted out?

If you haven’t explain why you wouldn’t?

Please comment below. Let’s Get some Healthy Relationship Convo’s going.


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