7 Aug


Patience without faith is wishful thinking

There are several truths about patience. First, without patience your faith will short circuit. You may not see anything in the natural, but faith will work on that problem as long as you continue to operate in faith. The moment you stop operating in faith, you stop the work. It’s as if a logger were three-quarters of the way through cutting down a tree but decided to quit since he hadn’t seen it fall. There was nothing wrong with the axe. There was nothing wrong with his arm. He just quit too soon. If he had kept going, the tree would eventually have fallen.

The second thing about patience is that it requires faith in order to achieve a manifestation. Someone may be patient; in fact, he may be constant all the time, but he doesn’t expect anything to happen. In reality, he’s said to himself, “I’m done. I’m not fighting any more.” Patience in tribulation, without faith, is giving up. Faith and patience need to work together.

an excerpt from Bishop Keith A. Butler


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