8 Aug


The highly anticipated album (for me at least) finally dropped on iTunes last night. Jay-Z and Kanye West finally brought their masterpiece to life after challenging fans and haters alike to ‘Watch The Throne’. The actual physical album won’t be in stores until August 12th but I’m gonna bless fans with a complete review track by track…

You ready?

Let’s Gooooooo

No Church In The Wild F/Frank Ocean- There’s a thumbing beat that starts this track off and after a few melodies Jay-Z goes in and starts ripping. Both dudes stay true to the title dissecting the different aspects of religion in hood scripture fashion. Jay spits Jesus was a carpenter/Yeezy laid beats/Hova flow the Holy Ghost/Get the hell up out your seats/Preach’. Even The Dream makes a appearance. Get your church fans out and get prepared to be get slain in the spirit of Hov and Ye with soloist Frank Ocean.

Lift Off F/Beyoncé- I was really looking forward to this track and most notably because the Queen was on it but I knew the chemistry would be insane and out of this world. I was slightly disappointed but lyrical wise I dig the subject matter. Beyonce belts out ‘We gonna take it to the moon/take it to the stars/how many people you know can take it this far?/I’m super charged/’. Jay and Ye spit about making it, bragging on far things have come and making a great life for themselves. They really showcase their high school jock persona on this one with head cheerleader Beyoncé in the background.

N*ggas In Paris– Lots of smack talking on this one with references to Jordan, Prince William and Fashion labels. I like when Ye spits ‘Prince William ain’t do it right if you ask me/Cause If I him I would have married Kate and Ashley/’

Otis– I loved Otis when The Throne released this. It’s not perfect but not bad either.

Gotta Have It– Ye and Hov spitting verses on this makes me think and reminisce about the street tracks Hov and Bleek used to do (memories). Hov has a funny line when he says ‘I wish I could give you this feelin/I’m planking on a million/I’m riding through your hood/You can Bank I got no ceiling/. Classic stuff.

New Day: This reminds me of something left off of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Heartbreaks and 808’s. This one is good because Kanye speaks to his unborn child about the mistakes he’s made with his life hoping he doesn’t repeat the same things he did. Hov takes it a lil further ‘Sorry Junior I’ve already ruined ya/You ain’t even here and paparazzi pursuing ya/ (references to Beyonce being pregnant every other month)….. You can’t make this up. I love this track.

That’s My B*tch– Jay and Ye spit about the girls in their life…Of course Ye goes in on Amber while Hov pays homage to The Queen… After listening a few times this has been on repeat. Great chemistry. The dude Q-Tip had a hands in this….

Welcome to the Jungle– Swizz is on the production and The Throne slash through this short track about the fallen soldiers…R.I.P to the leader of the Jackson 5…

Who Gon Stop Me- Who Gon Stop Me ask Kanye? I know this would knock in a club.. it reminds me of some down south ish they play in New York.. Kanye spits angrily holding his own against Hov..

Murder to Excellence– I’m still trying to get into it. Both guys tell stories of crime and violence in the hood. I love the haunting track.

Made In America F/Frank Ocean – Sweet Baby Jesus We Made It America. I’m feeling the line when Ye says ‘Started a little blog just to get some traffic/Old Folks Tell You Not To play in traffic/A Million hits and the web crashes….damn‘ Loved that line…. I feel you Ye.

Why I Love You– One of My favorite Tracks on ‘Watch The Throne‘ Jay-Z put his past associates and friends on notice. He proclaims “I tried to teach n*ggas how to be kings/and all they wanted to be was soldiers/ This track will have people talking and probably new hate amongst old friends…

Overall after listening to hundreds of people slam the album and me actually taking the time to listen word for word and draft my opinion I see has the potential to be successful. It’s to early to say if this will be a classic but it will surely be on my playlist for a while.

Here’s hoping the tour goes off without a hitch and we don’t have another ‘Best of Both Worlds’ fiasco…

My grade B+


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