9 Aug

tami roman

After Shaunie went on a world wide tour expressing her displeasure in the direction Basketball Wives had taken specifically the fighting and backstabbing. Shaunie called for a need to move the show to a more Sesame Street atmosphere where everyone gets along and plays hopscotch outside of Mr. Hooper Store. However resident backyard brawler and beer slugger Tami Roman set the record straight warning calmer waters will equal  real welfare checks all over AGAIN….

Tami recently spoke to The Examiner about the whole ordeal:

Shaunie is caught between a rock and a hard place because she’s not the only executive producer.  So, I know when she initially went with this concept to them, what ‘Basketball Wives’ has evolved into is not her creative mindset at work.  What ultimately ended up happening is that when you do reality TV, the whole thing that drives it is the dramatic aspect.  If you have six, seven people who all get along, nobody finds that interesting. 

Proof positive is Shaunie tried to express to VH1 that ‘my initial idea will work. People want to see us do positive things. People want to see us getting along.’ And she came out with ‘Football Wives.’ ‘Football Wives’ has since been canceled because people don’t want to see that.

Even with our show, we do so many positive things. There were several tapings with my mom. My mom is battling diabetes, and that was very heartfelt and touching to me, and I felt that should’ve been on the show. Shaunie and I helped put a young girl through a semester of college, I felt that should’ve been on the show. There were aspects with me and my daughter, and Royce auditioning for Broadway, and things that everybody’s going through that are far more positive and far more relevant to trying to put out positive imagery. That stuff does not make it. 

They’ll shoot it. If this is your storyline, we’ll tape it. But when it goes to editing, people only want to see the dramatic stuff. Literally, the argument that you see may only happen over a weekend. We tape for four months. But they’ll take the biggest arguments we have, and those become the focal points of the storyline. That is not our fault. We would absolutely love to see more positive imagery, but the audience doesn’t want to see that. 



That’s what I love about Tami, she has no problem keeping it real and giving it to you straight no chaser. If Shaunie feels that way expect to see the ratings plummet. Sure it’s a poor representation of what of black woman in the NBA are all about but I hear it’s far worse out in the real world where there are no camera’s filming. I could really go in on what goes on behind the scenes but I’ll save my peace for another day. Women have always been known to be catty and territorial so getting together a group of ladies on any platform whether it be church or a strip club will always lead to some sort of drama….

And That Has Been My Two Cents Worth…


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