19 Aug

I have nothing but love for Fantasia and I’ve always wanted to see her do well and that’s word to my dead uncle who loved him some Fanny. I’m just concerned and not as a blogger but a true fan that trouble seems to follow the American Idol Winner whenever she gets one foot back in the spotlight. According to Fanny was suppose to perform at the Annual Bronner Bros Hair show but due to medical concerns about her pregnacy was replaced by singer Kelly Price.

The Bronner Bros posted this message

Due to medical conditions, Fantasia has been placed on bed rest and will not be performing at the show. However, the lovely and talented Kelly Price is now scheduled to be the headliner for Saturday evening.

Wow take it easy Fanny and bounce back.


Wow why can’t Teairra Mari just learn from Naturi and be great? After being dethroned as the princess of The ROC, parting ways with Warner Bros and releasing hundreds of mixtapes with no album the price of fame just may have came to a head for the failed R&B singer. It seems Teairra Mari was arrested last night in Beverly Hills for drunk driving and later taken into custody.


I was just about to hit publish when YBF dropped some more info via TMZ:

According to TMZ  Teairra showed obvious “signs of intoxication” with one witness saying she was “….really messed up…she couldn’t even stand.”

But it gets worse because at some point during the arrest, it’s alleged that Teairra attacked one of the officers resulting in a minor cut on his hand. Attacking an LAPD officer? That’s bold.

Teairra was charged with DUI, as we reported earlier, as well as assault on a police officer and is still in custody with bail set at $50K.


She’s no Lindsay Lohan so she better tread lightly and pray to sweet baby Jesus they just send her to the Betty Ford Clinic with a slap on the hand. That shade she threw Jay-Z in Lottery Ticket had its repercussions…



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