19 Aug


Ice T Has a way with words and apparently he held nothing back via Twitter like most celebs do when they have a audience of followers. Recently in light of  the apparent suicide of Russell Armstrong, husband to ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ housewife, Taylor Armstrong, Ice T flexed his muscle with a swift jab to the untimely event after a fan tweeted him about the death

“Bad joke..but alotta those wives would make me consider it [suicide].” (O_o) 

Afterwards Ice T went in after several media outlets stormed Coco’s lead pimp for his outlandish behavior..

“The lack of people caring about REAL issues has caused the media to focus on dumb s–t like TWITTER comments,”

Ice T even defends his wife and shares what separates Coco from Shaunie, Evelyn and the rest of  dem…..

“A guy asked me my key to success & whats the difference between us. I said ‘Did you see the last 3 episodes of Jersey Shore?’ Yes ‘I didn’t’.”

“Speaking on Wives shows…Are any of the ‘Basketball Wives’ even married??? …So shouldn’t it be called..”Basketball Dumped H–‘???”

Word to Eric Williams

Wow I’d love to see him and Tami in a round table discussion. Also I didn’t find his comments offensive. Sometimes we catch ourselves getting so worked up with people we are subject to say things like ‘wow you make me wanna jump off of a cliff‘ or such phrases as that. I mean really some people just make you want to slit your wrist. I don’t think we want to do it in reality (no pun).

Also the issues with rich people goes beyond feelings and such. Money, Power, Sex, and Drugs are things that drive the wealthy. Poor people and middle America only care about who’s doing who on Facebook and will they delete me tomorrow..

as spotted @ YBF


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