19 Aug

Syleena Johnson

Why didn’t anyone alert me Syleena Johnson had new music coming out? I’m even more upset I didn’t know she had a video that came out last month. Not to worry because Bizzy Blanco has it all taken care of. Get ready because Syleena Johnson, one of the most slept on singers in the game is back and on her grind with her latest musical offering Chapter 5: Underrated (Sept. 27). If that wasn’t enough she dropped her latest video for the single ‘A Boss’ which features media whore Chad Ochocinco (Jennifer’s words not mine) as Syleena’s eye candy. I’m always excited when under the radar artist release new music because the people still get a chance to hear the ‘real stuff’.

Check out the latest video for ‘A Boss’ below as well as the tracklisting for the new album.

Chapter 5: Underrated Tracklisting

1. Underrated (Feat. AK of Do or Die)

2. A Boss

3. Fade Away

4. Angry Girl (Feat. Tweet)

5. Like Thorns

6. Little Things (Feat. Malone)

7. My Shoes

8. Label Me

9. Go Head (Feat Na’Tee)

10. Bad Person

11. The Champ

12. Stone Wall

Syleena revealed the tracklisting tonight via Twitter. Make sure you follow her and support Good Music



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