23 Aug

Today at work felt like a movie more so then living in actual reality. It’s one thing to be walking along doing your job but to see about 15 or so coworkers screaming and running from room to room is beyond scary once you realize the floor your standing on is swaying back and forth. It also doesn’t help that you are on the 5th floor. I swear I was shook up for at least a hour after realizing I was just involved in a earthquake.

No it’s not a big deal because I’ve felt a few quakes in my lifetime but this was by far the biggest on record since 1897 here in central Va. I mean you do the math? I’m just thankful nobody was hurt. What’s crazy is was felt as far as Canada and in about 22 states. It truly makes you think about your own surroundings. We always laugh that California may fall into the ocean but the east coast isn’t all that safe either…

Where were you and how did it make you feel? Are we safe….


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