25 Aug

She was on my first celebrity crushes. I had her Tommy Hilfiger poster plastered above my bed she had taken for ‘Word Up’ Magazine. She seemed like that down a** chick you could hang out with and just be yourself. Her music was catchy and a voice that was soft and melodic. I remember hanging out with my friends riding around on that Saturday night when the DJ came across the airwaves and announced R&B singer Aaliyah had died in a plane crash. I’m not gonna front I got real emotional and the feeling stung a little bit. Aaliyah made some classics and her music will live on through the generations. Below are a few quotes from fans on the impact and significance of her music to their lives…

Delilah.C “4 Page Letter In reference to 4 page letter~Oh because around this time I was writing a special someone who was far away at this time the song came out.. Teeny bopper”

@BaronAamir said “At Your Best Remix is my fav song… it’s one of the best remakes imo and the updated sound really captured that era”

@Robbie.T said “One in a million- it was like an Introduction to the Missy/timberland sound. “My fav song is “are you that somebody?” Everyone either knew how to play it on an instrument or did the dance…

Eric said ‘Rock Da Boat because it was her final video and At Your Best because that was my jam”

Ms.Vonne wrote:“If your girl only knew(of course) Age aint nuthan but a number ( cuz all my men be 5-10 yrs. Older) lol”


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