5 Sep

Although I’m saddened summer has come to a end I’m always geared up for the fall/winter months. Its during those seasons that I spend the most money on clothes, shoes, hats, etc… One of my favorite fashion items to rock would have to be the cardigan sweater. I’m seriously gonna stock my wardrobe up this fall season until my closet runeth over. Fellas I know we always post about what the ladies be rocking but I’m gonna include some fresh digs we can stay swagged out in as well.

Below are some of the hottest new Collegiate Cardigans. I’ve made sure to include brand and pricing. Let’s let the ladies know whose running things this season.

YMC, \Buy It Now From My Wardrobe, $207

10.Deep, /Buy It Now From 10.Deep, $136

Thom Browne Cashmere /Buy It Now From Park and Bond, $920

LRG Natural Game/ Buy It Now From Karmaloop, $84

Rugby/ Buy It Now At Rugby, $89

Crooks & Castles Bandito/ Buy It Now At Crooks & Castles, $88

Orisue Benson/ Buy It Now From Orisue, $82

Hopefully something you see above will inspire some great looks in the coming months. Time to branch away from the constant t-shirts and jeans. I’m sure Jay is bringing back the wheat Timberlands but I’m striving for a more street sophisticated look. Up on my grown man swag.

Happy Shopping Fellas.



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