8 Sep

When reality tv goes wrong. So I’m sure everyone has heard the sketchy details about T.I.‘s tour bus being the reason his abrupt stay in a half way house was short lived and resulted in him returning back to prison. Well it’s not the tour bus that got Clifford Harris sent back into the slammer but the people who were inside…

According to TMZ, prison officials believed the Atlanta rapper was traveling alongside his manager and two VH1 producers on board his tour bus, discussing his upcoming reality show which was strictly prohibited.

“Such people were not authorized to travel with him in the conditions of his furlough,” says a Bureau of Prisons report obtained by CNN. “He further indicated he was discussing a new reality series and a book with those individuals.”(source)

The VH1 producers and T.I.’s manager claimed they were not conducting business, and submitted letters stating otherwise but prison officials were not hearing any of it.

T.I. will be re-released from prison on September 29.


I mean what were they doing? Eating lobster and Shrimp?

as spotted at SheSoMajor

photo (Getty/CNN)


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