11 Sep

Today Marks the 10th anniversary of one of the nations most horrific events to come upon U.S soil. It was the day our great country stood still and we became united. It doesn’t seem like it was only 10 years ago but in all things, time moves on and we rebuild and become stronger. Where were you when the Twin Towers collapsed? Perhaps you were in DC when the plan hit the Pentagon?

I remember being off from work and my father calling up stairs for me to come down because something unusual was happening in New York? I made my way down the stairs and sat in the family room watching the events unfold. It was so unbelievable what was happening right before my very eyes.
Me and my father were speechless when we saw the 2nd plane hit the tower almost as if this was all a movie being filmed. Hearing new reporters say people were jumping out of windows as the smoke and fire filled the tall skyscrapers was heart wrenching. It’s images and stores such as those that embeds in your mind forever.

Even though none of my family were impacted, I had relatives in those places and it was very hard getting in touch with them because the cell phone towers were out. My cell phone stopped working and to this day I can only blame it on what was going on in the country. My heart goes out to the families and victims. America is a much different place to live now but we must not let those events stop us from enjoying life.

I vowed to stop flying after 9/11 and much to me making that statement I’ve been flying every since. Say a little prayer today for just being thankful and share your thoughts below.


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