14 Sep

Because you demanded more fuckery and foolery rapper Khia has blessed us with a brand new rant complete with all the holiday trimmings. If her new blog entitled ‘Labor Pains’ in honor of Labor Day is any indication on her 4th of July rant then get your popcorn ready because Queen Motor Mouf is bringing the ratchetness 101 times over! Read Along After The Break…..


It’s me Thugmisses and I’m back again…….It’s the Queen muthafucka I’m outta jail
again…..Woot Woot!!!!! Yes, the Queen made bond again!!!! Bout to ROAST you
DELAYED muthatfuckas AGAIN…. Woot Woot!!!!!!! This is the Labor Day, “Labor
Pains ” Holiday Blog! Yesssssssss, The Queen’s pussy is still wet and spitting
out children. Water done broke and I’m
bout to BIRTH you Bitches. We covered the ABC’s, now I’m gone teach you the
123’s since yall bitches wanna count how many MUGGGGGGG shots I got and how
many times a bitch done went to jail! Now hand me my COCK TAIL……..Absolut Vodka
with no chaser!!!!!!!!

Nooooooooooooooow, since you bitches wanna roast and gag bout the Queen going to jail…..I’m
GANGSTRESS bitch! And yeeeeeeees, I’m gone bloooooog about
it! You shoulda kept your muthafuckin MOUTH closed…. Do what you know…STICK a
DICK in IT!!!!!! Wanna hear it????? Here it go……….

You DELAYED BAS-TURDS(SHITTYMUTHAFUCKAS)was on hush mute EVA since the FIREWORKS blog when I got in yall asses but now since yall feel you got a little dirt on me, you wanna ROAST and
POST………I got you HOES! Now, POST DISSSSSSSSSS!!! You wanna keep giving the
Queen ammunition to put yall ass on BLAST again? Yall aint got no dirt on meeeeeeeee! And for
you DELAYED muthafucka’s that think I used MySpace to post blogs…Yes, I DID and
now I got you muthafuckas reactivating your MySpace accounts!!!!!! Lol!! MySpace……..Cut
the check!!!!!!, the original website…I can’t help that you
TIRED, THROUGH and DELAYED muthafuckas constantly copies and paste…..I don’t
blame you cuz dem sites are RATHER boring and need the Queen, so let me take
the time to “Thank you,” for all of the FREEEEEEE promotion! Now, dis is the
ULTIMATE merger, without Tocarra!!!!

Nooooooooow, let’s talk about the JAIL HOUSE ROCK!!!!!! Backwards Cowgirl…….Ride the dick
reverse style……Now, STEER!!!!! Not Step…..Biiiiitch…….STEEEER!!!!!
All this stealing dats going on!!!!!!! A bitch got on her ole school Kangaroos,
to keep you fuck niggas from stealing all of my god damn MONEY!!!!

Number#10……..Didthe Queen go to Jail???? Yes, I did…..And What? The Queen is a permanent
resident and my cell was PIMPED out, flat screen 52 inch on the wall, cell
phone, free phone calls, me and the warden on a first name basis….. Bruce
Chatman, who looooooooves the Queen’s pussy and he said he would prefer a
Princess over a Diamond any day…All left-overs aint good the next day, when
you warm it up in the microwave…..Put it in the OVEN!!! I guess Solider Boy
shouldn’t warm up that Marie Calendar TV dinner in the MICROWAVE!! Lol!!
Anyway, back to the subject at hand.

Was I supposed to be there????? No, I was NOT!!!!! I went in as an undercover SISTA
to see if they were doing the right thing with you tax payers $$$$$$$ and I am
here to report…. They are NOT!!!!!! All dem weak ass bitches looking like they
had the SHAKE-N-BAKE syndrome(Not Shaking Baby) was doing with dem TIRED ass UP
do’s, was texting and tweeting bout how the Queen was in jail, instead of doing
their fucking jobs!!!!

Stop working for the computer and let the computer work for you…Stay ya tired asses off Facebook
and do your fucking jobs…Them whores be typing on the computer for free and
aint got NAN Data Entry Specialist degree…. If you gone be on the computer all
day…. Get Paid…..Get MONEY BIIIIIIITCH!!!! I guess that’s why they forgot to
take the old ass WARRANT out of the system on the fuck shit that a bitch
already did TIME for!!!

The Queen don’t stay in jail…….I gets in and I gets out…Yall better ask a bitch bout
me…… Yall aint got no dirt on me!! You aint caught me with POWDER, LEAN and
METH in my PUSSY….Some thangs Black Queens just aint gone do!!!!!! I do the crime,
I don’t do the time!!!

Now back to the subject…I was soooooooo happy to see alllllllllllllll the Black faces, the Carpals,
Sergeants, Sheriffs and a Deputy’s when I got there but after I seen the way
they handled my black people I was a tad bit disgusted.. I thought that Martin
Luther King’s dream was to make sure we all had equal rights and we were
innocent until proven guilty well them undercover haters at Fulton and DeKalb
County jail was way out of line……. I hate to say it but I rather been in a jail
house ran by WHIIIITES than these Uncle Tom ass niggas!!!!!Truth be told, they
treated the Queen lovely but the way they treated all the other INMATES, was
horrible and FUCKED up!!!!!! First, they turned the AC down to 20 below knowing
the hoes and tricks aint got on no clothes, then they give you a STALE ass
bologna sandwich that the Queen had to cut open with her diamond baguette
canine teeth to open up the MUSTARD pack while shoving 30 hoes in a 5×7 cell
for 15 to 20 hours straight. They lock a hoe up in a FLASH, but take 24 hours
to release a bitch……Chile BOOOOOOOO!

Yall still aint got no diiiiiiiirt on me…..While yall bitches talking bout the Queen’s car
being REPOED, the Queen car is paid for….Do we got any pictures???????
Noooooooooow, yall know the Poe Poe don’t come to yall house bout no car…….As
long as yall bitches been HIDING cars at ya mammies and grand mammies houses…..
Let’s keep it 100 today, Damn right I’ll beat a bitch ass bout coming to FUCK
with ANN one of my cars and I got a few of them. What yall think I got????? A
20 year LOAN???? As long as I been riding the Lex…… I know it’s PAID for! Catch
a bitch in the HUMMER…..All day!!!! I did an instant replay, and went to JAIL
for shit I already done…… Nowwwwww, I’m bout to go to the PEN bout a nigga who
STOLE my goddamn money!!!

Number #9…….Lamont Sanford, That’s what Imma call this FUCK NIGGA, Ole fish-eyed
FOOL!!!!!!! You done STOLE the church MONEY….Ooooooooooooooh GLORY!!! You got’s
to be more careful! It used to be checks and credit cards, now they stealing
money out ya change PURSE!!!! That’s all it was to me…… CHANGE!! Now I see why
Remy Ma shot that hoe……I’m not gone go to JAIL over 2 stacks, I’m just NOT gone
do it……..Im not gone let the EVIL of money TRAP me!!! Niggas fucking up
perfectly good business relationships over a Lil bit money, MONEY that the
Queen keeps in Kate and Ashley! I’m in the money making business and you niggas
is in the STEALING money business…….Professional Gigolo’s!!!! Ya tired ass
mammies and these fat insecure hoes and punks been taking care of yall asses
for sooooo long, yall don’t know how to Get Money on ya own???? Broke Ass
Nigga’s aka Lamont Sanford who claims to be the club owner over at Club Creme
on Metropolitan Pkwy….. Imma see ya FUCk ass on CRACK-HEAD Tuesdays, Me and my
Boujie homegirls….. And when you see me Nigga, holla at a PLAYA!!!!!

Ladies, please don’t ignore the signs! I’m gone give yall some tips on how to spot a THEIF and ROUGE…… If these niggasclaim they own clubs and business and aint filed a tax return in years……RUUUUUUUUN
for the Hills!! If that fuck nigga stealing Pampers, Enfamil, rent and phone bill money……….RUUUUUUUUN for the Hills!!! If that nigga got on a dirty pair of shoes and get dropped off at your house
and ask to use your car…….RUUUUUUUN for the Hills!! (The hills are alive with

Now, why dis FUCK nigga want me to go back to Jail? Why this nigga want Weezy to have to
send me a POSTAL MONEY ORDER and have me counting my canteen slips five times
to make sure a bitch don’t to go over?????? These niggas is in the TRICKIN
business and when I say TRICKIN …. I do mean TRICKIN…..When I say “Don’t Trust
No Nigga,” I mean not NANN! Yall know niggas don’t do bitches right when they
go to jail, just like Lil Boosie mammie all over YouTube talking bout how yall
aint send her son no got damn money and how she can’t pay her mortgage! I done told
yall………The record label’s is in the money stealing business and those FUCK
niggas that he was taking care of, aint got no MONEY…. Look at Big Bat, Broke
Ass Records……If it were left up to them, a bitch would still be in jail….. No

Yall niggas need to do a little bit better by
ya Chilrren, Mammies and Grand Mammies cuz while yall round here tryna start FAKE
ass record labels and fucking these pussy ass hoes, ya Children, Mammies and
Grand Mammies is still in the hood broke and hungry on YouTube begging for
money!!! The Queen don’t Beg, Borrow, or Steal from no goddamn body…. I’ll
carry RACKS on “My NECK and MY BACK,” before I steal a bitch chilren MONEY!! I
gets money bitch!!!!!!! Word from the wise, when someone is good to you and you
are not good to them, bad things start to happen…..Yall niggas is dumb but you smart
enough to understand that……..Right?????? I guess NOT!!!!!!!!!! Hell, have no

Number #8……… Tamar, off with your fucking big ass head!!!! Bitch, we wore baby powder
back when the Queen was a lil girl……You hot because you were NEVA relevant?
It’s always been about the Queen! Bitch, you can hear and smell real good out
your nose no matter how much cartilage you took from you ear to “Fix Ya Face!”
Since you wanna tweet about the Queen, tweet dis……… No matter how much blonde
weave you put on your hair, that pussy hair is always gone be BLACK!!!! Looking
like “” Bitch…….Who are you again???? The Braxtons???? How
many records you sold??? Toni will always be the only Braxton we know!!!!!!That’s
all I got to say about that…. Tell ya FAT ass husband to call me…….. Bitch!!
Since you wanna Tweet……. Dats why dey call me BIIIIITCH@queenkhia!!!!!

Number #7………T.I. they done let your fuck ass outta jail and you turned around and went
right back in! You shoulda took ya $100.00 and got on the prison CRUSADE bus
like the Queen did!!!! I thought you was gone keep it 100 this time when you
got out? Tiny, you can’t handle ya
husband’s business? He can’t trust you do shit but HIDE PILLS, POWDER and LEAN
in ya PUSSY?? You can go to jail for a nigga but you can’t hold shit down while
he gone? Bitch, stop TOOT TOOTING, handle ya biz then T.I. can stay outta
jail!! Looks like you gone still be jacking DICKS underneath dem tables like
the Queen said on the 4th of July Blog!! Tamar, if you and Tiny
doing the DOUBLE DUTCH…. I’m jumping In!!!!!!

You still tryna do it big onthe tour bus and the only tour you going on is the U.S P.
tour. T.I I hope your new reality show is better than Tiny and Toya’s. I am so
glad that it is no longer being aired! I will always be your biggest fan! This
is your 7th chance so let’s try and get it right this time!!! Big
Ace said…..Wassup!!!

Number #6…….. J.Lo, the only whore we know that can make P. Diddy go back to fucking
FISH pussy AGAIN cuz he been screwing BOY pussy for so long and don’t know how
to act!!!!! Kim Porter said, “ I don’t give a fuck how many boys P. Diddy Fucks……Another
baby, some more MONEY.”

You heard what the Game said, yall Gay Rappers
needs to come out the closet!!! You fuck niggas need to take notes from J.
Lo….We all know she FUCKS her way to the top and she looooooves herself some
BLACK dick but when it came time for her to give birth to them kings and queens
she went back to her own people and had her children and would have NEVA had
any children from P. Diddy! Her mammie and pappy would have NEVA approved it!!!
She done TRICKED Marc Anthony out of his money (Get MONEY Biiiiiiitch).

When is yallfuck niggas gone show love to your own kind? Ohhhhhhh, I forgot you niggas want
yall chilren to have GOOD hair, although it aint no such animal as good hair…….
Hi hoe…..Hi hoe….It’s off to black dicks she go, I would have NEVA left Marc
Anthony but I fucks witcha J.Lo!! On another note, speaking of Marc Anthony I
hear that Will and Jada is getting a divorce!!!!

Number#5…………Rumor has it that Will and Jada is getting a divorce cuz the hood already know that
Jada is FUCKING Marc Anthony! We all know that Will aint never had a tight end
cuz he always been a WIDE receiver and Jada been on my shit list cuz she been
fucking Tupac since “A Different World,” and now she has a different face so I
guess that’s why I didn’t see that bitch at the Tupac center!!!!! Speaking of “A
Different World,” I did see Whitley Gilbert (Jasmine Guy) at the Tupac
Celebration……..Zeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-Phi… The blue and white, the Queen is an
HONARY member!!!!!!!!!
I have to keep it 100…….Although Will and Jada are
SWINGING RICHARD’S; they did a wonderful job with the chilren!!! 3 KUDOS to them!!! Get MONEY biiiiiiiitch…..My
advice to yall, stay together and don’t let 6 degrees of separation break up
yall’s happy HOME! Strap up and FUCK ya husband and keep him from straying to
WHITE dick!!! Yall know the WHITE women and MEN is stealing all of our HUSBANDS
cuz they can SUCK a mean DIIIIICK……Yesssssss, cuz us Black womens is just
starting to learn how to do this shit!!!! They got a HEAD start on us and now,
we gotta play catch up!!!! Imma just keep it 100…. If you aint got no MONEY…..We
don’t feel like it!!!! When sucking a dick goes wrong….. Kim Kardashian, Amber
Rose and Katrina Sour Pusssssss Harbor! Luke Campbell said it best…..”Fuck dem
hoes don’t marry em,” yall niggas fucking the game all the way UP!”

Number#4……………Who is these white bitches who think they can say the word “Nigga”?
Kreayshawn and her sidekick V-Nasty, I think that’s them hoes name! The leaning whores….. Yall
know, the Trailer Trash Tricks from San Diego by way of Russia! The one’s that
two punks raised, like Rosie O’Donnell and her ole hoe is raising!!!! Yall
know, San Diego where this shit is legal! Lol!!!!! Leave them Saltine CRACKERS
alone, as much black dick and black pussy they done sucked, they throat is
black and once a drop of black CUM enters the body, they WHITE ASSES is black
and gets a nigga pass…..Ask Heidi Klum, Wie Hiesen Sie….Dats German Bitch… For
all you hoes that didn’t know!!!! Fuck dem no Talented ass CRACKER-JACKS….. Who
gives a FUCK if they say “Nigga,” Yall don’t never stick together when it comes
to some REAL shit, but now yall wanna come together like that Black Panther
Party and whoop this hoe ass… Cuz she said the word “Nigga,”them White girls is
some PUSSY ass NIGGAS and yall is some PUSSY ass NiGGAS too!!! Let’s keep it
100… Yall niggas didn’t even want to come to the Tupac Center…….

Yes, I’m still on that and yet yall wanna hang these CRACKERS for saying the word,
“Nigga?” Oh yes, we gone hang these hoes but I’m just saying….. We call one
another bitches, niggas and whores all day. Hell, yall call the Queen bitches
and hoes all day………..

We been fucking over, rape and steal from each other just like our master and her GREEDY…GREEDY
Grand-Pappy taught us!!!!!! Aint Mystikal outta jail? Yall runs and support Mystical, when he gang rapes
and steal hoes pussy over a lil bit of money and yet he gets a get outta jail
free card? Shows is sold out and yall don’t even wanna book the Queen???? Wasn’t
he on The Monique Show? That’s why her show is off the air, FAT BITCH you
should have booked the Queen with ya hollering ass….BAAAAAABY!!!!!

Yall niggas aint bout shit and yall really need to get over the “N” word and leave dat
SALTINE cracker alone….. For the record, I got your “Nigga” Hoe and you better
apologize, and don’t say that shit no Moe!!!! (Shaking my finger) Now come for
me bitch cuz I’m ready for you hoe… It’s What Eva!!!! I’m not gone play
witcha!!!!! Yall so high, yall done let the crackers take over hip hop… SMH….

Number#3………… The Video Music Awards (the VMA’s) First, I wanna take a minute to pay homage
to “Amy Winehouse,”she was a beautiful and talented artist and is definitely on
the front row and in the CLASS….. This is what the industry do to ya ! They get
ya hooked on drugs and STEAL ya goddamn MONEY…… And make ya wanna KILL yaself,
but yall aint gone be able to do it to me, as you can see, everyone on the VMA’s is headed in that direction…….”TIRED,THROUGH and DELAYED”.
Lady Gaga came out looking like John Travolta cuz she
said she is tired of Nicki Minaj and the rest of these bitches jocking her
style!!!!! Is this what entertainment has come too???? Nicki, I heard how that
nigga been going up side your head but if he was going to go up side your head about
anything it should have been about that tired, through and DELAYED ass outfit…..Put
that fuck shit back in ya suitcase……. The same one he hit you with!!!!!

Now, 911 on that…….Bitch!!!!!!! Jay Z and Kanye…Hated it…My husband Weezy shits all over
you niggas…He’s the only real Carter alive and the Carter V surpassed WTT so kick
rocks hoe…Young Money Bitch!!! Overall, the whole award show was garbage and
next time they should book the Queen, showcasing real entertainment at its

Number#2……….Congratulations to Behooooce’ for finally taking the Queen’s advice and giving her fraggle
rock, muppet baby looking ass husband their first born child!!!!!! Get Money Bitch……We
all waiting to see what the baby gone look like and we hope it aint gone look
like the pappy… The hood already know how them high yellow hoes get to
looking when they get old as Methuselah by the time they reach the age 35! Is
that why Matthew left Tina and stole LeToya and Latavia’s money? Like Catherine
Jackson said, “Tell the truth nigga and take ya ass back to Vegas to them white
hoes.”Behooooooce, they been tryna tell you this fuck shit for over 10 years
and now you wanna catch on and FIRE your pappy and wanna holla bout a DC
reunion……It’s over hoe!!!! Didn’t TLC school yall on how Pebbles stole all of
their got damn money?

The Queen been telling yall how the record labels and managers been stealing all of the
money and now you wanna catch on????? Chile booooooooo!!!!!! LeToya, is your
mammie still driving that 1998 Buick LeSabre? Sue for back pay Hoe!!!!! And
watch out for Slim Thug……Cuz he stealing all of your MONEY TOO!!!! “You gone
regret the day you eva left me”.

Nowwww, while all the family was so concerned about Behooooce and this new baby,
Solange was in Miami getting hog-tied by the Poe-Poe! Yes, Solange has the
officer’s name and the location!!! Can somebody please go down dere to Miami
and bail Solange out of jail??????

Number#1…………I saves the best for last, my husband Weezy looked good at the VMA’s in my leopard
print leggings because after I stepped out of them, he wanted to continue to
smell my pussy and asked me to wear them on stage!!!!!!

I said…… Yesssssssssssss, and like my husband Wezzy said….. He is straight but his woman is a faggot!!!!
Yes, I AM……..And I looooooves that DIIIICK!!!! Can’t yall tell????? Get Money

Now we have counted down from 10 to 1 and the Queen would like to end the blog to thank all
of the fans at Atlanta Black Pride 2011………I see all yall promoters didn’t have
the money to book Mary J. Blige and yall surely didn’t have money to book the
Queen!!!!! My advice to yall, Scrounge up some coins, get them dirty dyshes out
ya sink and come up with the goddamn money for MLK!!!!! The Queen still booking
shows all over the world, so book the Queen cuz the fans wanna see a real
show….Who the HELL is tearria mari????? 50 Cent, I hear you feeding 5 million
hungry chilren in the mother land and I want to HELP be a part of that, if you
got the money I got the time, the Queen needs to be there! Holla at a playa!!! While
ya at it……Tell dat Pretty Boi Floyd you be with, it’s Marry Weather right here
in the Queen’s pussy, I feel Thunder and Lightning and I need him to be my
Umbrella…….. Brella….Ehhhhhhhh…..Ehhhhhhh!!!!! I’m gone be front row in Vegas,
Peter fa Peter!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay tunedfor Motormouf Mercedes Maybach Monroe……. It’s a girl yall!!! Be on the lookout
for the new album Motormouf aka Khia Shamone this fall. For bookings and availability, be sure to
contact the Queen at 404-202-7238 or the website, or via email!!!! Get

Much love,

Ms. Neck and


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