15 Sep

In an attempt to stay relevant among the masses Michaele Salahi is taking things to a whole new level. News broke yesterday that White House party crasher and reality star (Housewives Of D.C) had reportedly been kidnapped. Her husband Tareq Salahi, a one time intricate cast member in her web of lies and fuckery became alarmed and contacted authorities after receiving several phone calls from his wife explaining “she was alright” and was with people she felt “comfortable” with.

Well after all of the media buzz died down and Michaele’s husband was indeed truthfully unaware, it was determined she was shacking up with the guitarist Neal Schon :/

according to the mighty TMZ Tareq is saying he considered Neal and his band members “best friends.” The band recently came to his winery in Virginia and played for free and even stayed with Tareq and Michaele.

And there’s more. Two weeks ago, Tareq and Michaele went to a Journey concert in Virginia and hung backstage with Neal and a woman named Ava, whom Tareq believes is Neal’s wife.

Tareq has been crying hysterically, saying he feels as if his life is over because Michaele is all he lived for.


I was led to believe this was all a hoax but considering this dude is actually upset over this whole ordeal makes me wonder if they are just that desperate for fame or are they just that damn stupid?

photo: Google Images


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