23 Sep


September 27th will be the day we witness history as the 1st artist signed to RocNation J.Cole will drop his long awaited debut album Cole World: The Sideline Story. It’s been a long time coming for the North Carolina native who’s been herald as a future star of hip hop. The road to success is never easy (ask me I know) and it usually takes a few times to fall down before you get up and finally get it right.

J.Cole is no exception and despite rumors is going full speed ahead to deliver great music to the masses. As usual I listened and found the album to be really impressive. The whole set is an introduction into the world of Jermaine Lamarr Cole. We journey back in time and to the present as Cole gives a glimpse into the struggles of becoming a ‘today’s artist’.

Click ahead as I highlight some of my favorite tracks….

Dollar And A Dream – Biggie said it best and now J.Cole follows suit by taking the classic line and evoking his own twist. The lead track offers insight into the come up of who is J.Cole regardless of setbacks will take the little that he has and chase the paper. That’s where you will find him. Watch The Pawn one day become a king. Cole that is.

Lights Please – Cole schools us on the anatomy of the female love canal all while dissing dead beat dads who make babies instead of wifeing up the mothers. After kicking street knowledge to his lady, Cole instructs her to cut the lights so they can get down to business. This is the track that made me interested in the artist I’m currently writing about…

Mr. Nice Watch – A stand out track and not because Shawn Carter blessed it with a feature. I believe Cole held his own without Jay. Certainly won’t go down as a talked about collab. Their effort on Blueprint 3 (A Star Is Born) was more enjoyable.

Cole World – Many artist today have lost the concept of story-telling and Cole resurrects that missing theme on this. Patience is Virtue. I Agree

In The Morning – Drake joins Cole on their sexual conquest to urge certain ladies into early morning bed knocking. Drake even drops subliminals about Serena Williams (I mean who else is he referring to in the U.S Open?)

Lost Ones – This is a track that really hit home for me. It’s about the pressures of a guy who’s not really ready to be a father after suspecting his girl might have trapped him. Most times it’s the girls who feel the lowest but thanks to Cole he gives the guys point of view to unplanned parenthood. A real favorite of mine. Hey guys have emotions too.

Nobody’s Perfect – Cole gets his boast on as his minds blown to the fact his social circuit has changed. He’s gone from dealing with the birds to high profile chicks like Rihanna. Missy eventually joins the party on the hook. Many people forget she can sing and she sounds great. They really compliment each other on this well.

Rise and Shine – This song gives me old Roc-A-Fella days. It sounds like something Jay would have used or Ye would have produced. I love it when he says ‘I’m Meaner Than Katrina/Mixed With Gina/Shut Up Cole’. His word play is very witty.

Other tracks on the album include Can’t Get Enough Feat Trey Songz, Daddy’s Little Girl, Breakdown, God’s Gift, Never Told and more…

Overall it’s not what I expected even though I wasn’t anticipating very much from the get go. This album does however give hope real rap isn’t dead considering most hip hop is sprinkled with stars and flashing lights that a lot of today’s MC’s over saturate themselves with. If Jay Hova is cosigning I’m sure gonna ride with him. While it may not be the best that we’ve seen of Cole it’s definitely a sure shot beginning. I highly recommend this as a purchase so go and cop it next Tuesday.

Grade: B-




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