4 Oct

Grand opening….Grand Closing.

I feel really bad because I wanted this show to win and that was only because #TeamNaturi was rooting for Ms.Naughton to succeed in primetime. I can’t be too upset because I sometimes forgot it was on. I think racy dramas need the proper time and outlet to thrive. Monday’s are really not good with Monday Night Football and Basic Basketball Jumpoffs airing on Vh1. Most of the older generation are glued to ‘Dancing With The Stars’ so an unfortunate demise was eminent.

according to EW:

Playboy Club premiered to low ratings and then dropped for each of its three telecasts, with last night hitting only 3.4 million viewers and a 1.2 rating in the adult demo. Despite having relatively tame content, the show wasn’t helped by conservative group the Parents Television Council vehemently protesting the show. And sharp-eyed Playboy Club viewers got a hint last night something might have been up last night when NBC didn’t air a promo for a fourth episode.

I can’t front I didn’t really watch it but they really don’t give tv shows any shelf life anymore. I guess if it don’t make money then it don’t make sense…. I wish when they cancelled shows they would release the rest of the episodes on dvd, that’s if they even finished filming the duration of the season…

Best of Luck Naturi. We over at Bizzy Blanco are rooting for you.


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