18 Oct

Lalah Hathaway gave fans a sneak peek into things to come when she dropped her single ‘If You Want To’ this past summer delighting faithful followers that a new album was on the way. Well the time has finally arrived and ‘Where It All Begins’ arrived in stores today.

Lalah starts things right out the gate with ‘Strong Woman’ a song dedicated to the neglected female. She warns unappreciative guys to love what you have before it’s gone. Lalah switches gears to the upbeat ‘My Everything‘ a love story about falling in love with her best friend. ‘Small Of My Back’ is a sexy groove track that the lovers can appreciate and two-step to; definitely for the grown and sexy crowd.

‘If You Want To’ the lead single from ‘Where It All Begins’ is that party starter you pull out once you hit the clock after a long work week. Put all your worries away and have a good time are the only instructions needed.

The ups and downs of love and what it all means is the pure tone I take away from ‘Where It All Begins’. Real R&B is somewhat invisible nowadays but on tracks like ‘This Could Be Love‘, ‘You Were Meant For Me’ and ‘My Heart’ really solidifies that the classic genre is still alive and rightfully among us.

Where are the songs like ‘You Were Meant For Me’ at today? Lalah takes me back to when I was a kid listening to my moms Anita Baker records. Father Donny would be proud…

The album also features Rachelle Ferrell on  ‘I’m Coming Back’ a track she revisits from her self-titled debut.

Make sure you pick up ‘Where It All Begins’ either in stores or on iTunes. I approve of you adding this jewel to your musical archives.

Quiet evenings of candlelight’s and good food really set the mood while listening….

Loving you is the best thing I can do (speak those things Lalah)



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