24 Oct

I’m rather late when it comes to posting things especially when certain topics elude me and go right over my head. The story of ‘Amber Cole’ spread like wildfire across much of Facebook and Twitter with her name becoming a mainstay among both sites including Youtube last week..

I had no idea who this was or  what they had done to receive this much media attention….

That was until the video popped up on my Facebook timeline feed turning me off and leaving me totally flabbergasted.

I thought… this could be my sister or daughter??

I’ll get into more of Amber Cole in a minute but has Social Media become a black hole for future generations?

I remember being in school and hearing stories (some true and others exaggerated) about groups of boys running ‘trains’ on one girl as the guys took turns engaging in sexual acts. We all know these events do occur so we can’t pretend that they don’t exist but with a ever changing technical world are people at risk to have their sexual exploits smeared all across Facebook?

Social Media is the new ‘in crowd‘ and as long as you have some sort of connection to it then you’re ‘in‘. Unfortunately in the case of Amber Cole it does have it’s consequences. Whether or not she was coerced or willingly had taken part makes me wonder where was the presence of a parent? I can’t stomach the fact that a young girl not even 18 was put on display and ridiculed to the masses as if she had been sentence to death by stoning. Are you even the slightest bit disturbed that this could happen to your daughter, sister, niece, or cousin?

I don’t know what’s worse the fact that she was giving out services or that they were filming it. I know child predators everywhere were salivating at the mouth. Smh..

View how this all came about and then check out what Amber Cole’s father had to say….


Where are future generations really headed?

video’s spotted @ StraightFromTheA


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