1 Nov

I would just like to say this has got to be one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to and I’ve been to some of the greats. From start to finish both Jay and Kanye give you their all and then some and had the crowd begging for more.

But first things first. I could not tweet or access the internet once I arrived to the Greensboro Coliseum. Sprint what a Joke..

But in the entertainment world the show must go on. The concert was suppose to start at 7:30 but of course things didn’t get going until after 9pm with no opening act. I was beginning to think this was gonna be a half ass show but that clearly wasn’t the case..

Rapper Pusha T could be seen walking through the crowd before the show started as he posed for pictures and autographs (now everyone becomes a fan) the male groupies were front and center…. -_-.

Well the show finally starts and The Throne breaks out into H.A.M which sets the tone of the evening and in a good way. Both MC’s started rapping on opposite ends of the Coliseum on gigantic platforms that displayed moving visuals beneath them…

Throughout most the concert both guys performed tracks off of ‘Watch The Throne’ as well as pulling music from their respective catalogs.

The smell of mother natures illegal herbal plant lingered in the air… forget Paris! Ni**as were in Carolina and coon’ing inside the coliseum. I had the biggest headache but it’s those precious moments that make the experience worthwhile.

Let’s see…. Oh Kanye had a bitch fit during the beginning of ‘All Of The Lights’ which may or may not have been scripted. Whatever the case Kanye did not see it for the stage crew and demanded they cut on the lights…

Ye said u better cut them muthafuckin lights on! Go Off!

There was a point in the show were the MC’s told a tale of love gone wrong using 99 Problems, Goldigger, and Big Pimpin and the story took on a mind of it’s own. Jay even played 2nd fiddle and became Kanye’s hype man and vice versa. Classic!

Jay is always the star so it was real g to see him take a back seat. There were times where it seemed like this was the Kanye show and Ye used this moment to tell his story in a very emotional and convincing way.

The ‘Made It America’ performance was deep and depicted visuals of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. 

While both guys gave the show their all it’s what happened at the end that left a lasting impression on my concert experience. One of my album favorites, Ni**as In Paris was saved as the final song. They performed the track a total of 3 times and the crowd went completely wild… it was like the 2nd coming in the minds of these people.

While we were all drained out from 3 back to back performances of ‘Paris’, the duo gave us even more.

In a perfect way Jay and Ye ended the show with ‘Encore’ a track from the Black Album. Everyone in the building were yelling ‘HOVA, HOVA, HOVA, HOVA’ WE LOVE YOU JIGGA! Diamond signs all over… Shit was cray!

This concert was fantastic and definitely worth the price of admission. I recommend anyone who enjoys seeing good artist and great hip hop to check out the ‘Watch The Throne’ tour if rolls through your neighborhood.

Peep out some footage and pix from the show below….

Check out Jay and Ye performing ‘Who Gone Stop Me’ Jay spits crazy at the end.

A special shoutout to my partner in crime Ela aka @BlackwidowEla on Twitter for the photo’s..! Follow her!



  1. msfefeduran November 1, 2011 at 9:31 pm #

    Jealous…. That is all.

  2. davecanon November 2, 2011 at 11:24 pm #

    show was bananas here in ATL. I lowkey want to hit the NY show but im going to sit my ass down. LOL.

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