2 Nov

I’ve spoke on this in the past and I’ll say it again…. Wale may come off as cocky or conceited but the dude is nice when it comes to his skills. I think Wale’s addition to MMG and his involvement in Self Made propelled him to a new audience and reaffirmed his status among hip hop’s new school class.

Now with that out of the way Let’s take a look at Wale’s newest jewel Ambition. Will DC’s own be able to survive the Sophomore curse? How about we review the facts….

Aside from the unknown chick screaming Maybach Music at the beginning of every song the title track  “Don’t Hold Your Applause” gives a mini introduction and reassures the community on where he’s been, what he’s doing now, and where he’s headed. Never hold your applause for Mr. Folarin. I actually kept this on repeat. Which solidified what the rest of the album would be like.

‘Miami Nights’ is definitely a Ross influenced track complete with the blazing horns sounding off in the background. The love of South Beach never gets old and Wale does the party city well… Legendary surprisingly doesn’t disappoint and unleashes lyrical perfection at all angles.. I almost forgot it was Wale I was listening to….Lotus Flower Bomb feat Miguel (my favorite track from the album) displays that softer side while Wale tries to charm his way into a unknown ladies heart or bedroom..White Linen (Coolin) feat Ne-Yo gives Wale another potential single for the masses to eat up on radio and in the clubs…What I love about White Linen is it brings back those laid back party tracks that used to knock back in the early to mid 2000’s…Elsewhere on the album Wale and Big Sean keep the party going with the club/house track ‘Slight Work. I almost wanna believe Wale had DC or Baltimore in mind when he made this….

No Days Off a phrase Wale has often used in promoting the album gives us a even deeper meaning on the actual song. A personal favorite of mine from Ambition. For anybody whose into creating a successful brand need to hear this. That’s why forever I love seldom and trust never and fuck whoever don’t put 100% in (#Truth)…  Hood scriptures are always the best when transcending from ashy to classy….

The music on Ambition is definitely steps ahead of Attention Deficit and actually showcases more personality then his last effort. Joining MMG has positioned Wale into a whole new breeding ground and hopefully that type of exposure grants Mr. Folarin the needed success to levitate further in his career.

Sophomore curse? I think he floats way ahead of superstition this go round..




  1. davecanon November 2, 2011 at 11:23 pm #

    this album is flawless. definitely see the DC and Rozay influence. both two copies of it! nice flow to it.

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