7 Nov

Drake has to have one of the most anticipated albums of 2011. Not taking any chances to divulge into the sophomore slump Aubrey Graham has enlisted a slew of top producers and artist to continue his artistic bravado.

Take Care continues the the pathways of such classics like ‘So Far Gone’ and Thank Me Later’ to further establish Drake as one of the top musical acts in hip hop. Known for his art of storytelling and high class party life, Drake turns the heat up this go around while giving us the cool kid persona we’ve come to enjoy from his music.

Although the album leaked on last night (Nov 6, 2011) Drake still remains positive as he released a small statement via Twitter: “Listen, enjoy it, buy it if you like it…and take care until next time,” he tweeted

Well enough of that….. now let’s quickly break down some layers of Take Care..

The album opens with the track ‘Over My Dead Body’ a song dedicated to his distractors /Are These People Really Discussing My Career Again?/Asking If I’ll Be Going Platinum In A Year Again/Don’t I Got This Shit The World Wanna Hear Again?/… some may feel like it’s narcissistic but being confident never hurt anybody..

The melodies then carry over to ‘Shot For Me’ where Drake sings on some love lost ish… /Ok Look I’m Honest Girl I Can’t Lie I Miss You/You And The Music Were The Only Things I Commit to/…..Drizzy really holds no bitterness to his old flames..

Which brings us to Rihanna. She shows up on the title track Take Care. Drake helped Riri reached #1 status and now she returns the favor. Take Care has crossover written all over it. Drake assures the ladies he’s your #1 sponsor..

Everything isn’t soapy, love, and happines tho. Drake switches gears mid way through and offers up a favorite of mine ‘Lord Knows’ feat Rick Ross. The Just Blaze track features Drake in story mode holding his own equally against Ross…/I’m Going Trigger Happy/Just To See My Ni**gs Happy/… Aww Trey would be proud.

Drake adopts Lil’ Wayne’s smooth flow for Cameras a track reminiscent of something catchy from the 90’s…like some Blackstreet type ish…

Even on a album full of A-Listers like Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Andre 3000, Rihanna, and Stevie Wonder Drake maintains his lyrical swag  holding his own from beginning to end.

 “I show love and get love back, and I think that’s very important for people to see,” –Drake

This album is definitely a great listen from start to finish only skipping a few tracks (only because I’ve heard them before) as we continue the journey of Mr. Aubrey Graham. It’s always a treat to watch a artist appreciate his craft only wanting to deliver the best to the world and his fans. Despite pushbacks and delays Take Care (in my book) lives up to expectations.

I highly recommend (despite the leak) to pick up Drake’s brand new album ‘Take Care in stores next Tuesday!

quotes via MTV



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